The Modern Technology Bulgarian Egg Farm High quality Bulgarian eggs High quality Bulgarian eggs Fresh eggs for consumption, all sizes Class "A" Daily collection, sorting,grading and packing of our quality fresh eggs.

In early 2006, we started construction of a high-tech and eco-friendly farm for the production of eggs for consumption. Our farm is located in Bulgaria, near the town of Sliven in the territory of the village of Panaretovtsi. For our short existence, we have established ourselves as one of the leading producers of eggs for consumption in Bulgaria. We have equipped it with the most advanced stock-breeding equipment to meet all EU requirements for humane breeding. Our production processes and the microclimate in our production buildings are fully automated and managed and coordinated by computer systems. They provide the necessary comfort for our layers, and along with the quality compound feed we produce, we guarantee a consistent high quality of eggs for consumption by Djeni.
The quality of the manufactured product is also guaranteed by the introduced Standards for quality management and food safety ISO 22 000: 2005

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